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Image for Unquiet Grave: a Word Cycle by Palinurus

Unquiet Grave: a Word Cycle by Palinurus

By: Connolly, Cyril

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Seller ID: 9780892550586

ISBN: 0892550589

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Cyril Connolly (1903-1974) was one of the most influential book reviewers and critics in England, contributing regularly to The New Statesmen, The Observer, and The Sunday Times. His essays have been collected in book form and published to wide acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. The Unquiet Grave is considered by many to be his most enduring work. It is a highly personal journal written during the devastation of World War II, filled with reflective passages that deal with aging, the break-up of a long term relationship, and the horrors of the war around him. It is also a wonderfully varied... View more info

Image for Lowcountry Heart: Reflections on a Writing Life

Lowcountry Heart: Reflections on a Writing Life

By: Conroy, Pat

Price: $6.00

Seller ID: 9780385343534

ISBN: 0385343531

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Image for Romanian Notebook

Romanian Notebook

By: Console, Cyrus

Price: $5.00

Publisher: 7/17/2017

Seller ID: 9780865478305

ISBN: 0865478309

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Image for Maps to Anywhere

Maps to Anywhere

By: Cooper, Bernard

Price: $5.50

Publisher: UNIV OF GEORGIA PR: 5/10/2014

Seller ID: 9780820319469

ISBN: 0820319465

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The essays in "Maps to Anywhere" plot terrain that is at once familiar and subtly strange. Writing on subjects ranging from his family to the origin of the barbershop pole, Bernard Cooper digs into the glimmering surface of the southern California landscape, observing the collision of the American Dream with the realities of everyday life. From the fragments, he discovers landmarks by which he attempts to make sense of contemporary America. View more info

Image for Future Indefinite

Future Indefinite

By: Coward, Noel

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Publisher: METHUEN:

Seller ID: 9780413773937

ISBN: 0413773930

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The definitive account, in his own words, of one of the most popular figures in British theatre.The second and concluding volume of No?l Coward's legendary autobiography includes "Future Indefinite" and the unfinished "Past Unconditional." With his trademark wit, Coward delivers anecdotes about his travels in South America, Hollywood encounters with an array of contemporary stars and directors, and his later theatrical successes, including the Broadway triumph of "Design For Living." The showbiz glamour aside, we also encounter a middle-aged man coming to terms with a world in disarr... View more info

Noel Coward: A Biography

By: Coward/Fisher, Clive

Price: $6.00

Seller ID: 9780312070441

ISBN: 0312070446

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Exile's Return: A Literary Odyssey of the 1920's

By: Cowley, Malcolm

Price: $5.00

Publisher: 4/11/2013

Seller ID: 9780140043921

ISBN: 0140043926

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Image for Kafka's Soup;a Complete History of World Literature in 14 Recipes

Kafka's Soup;a Complete History of World Literature in 14 Recipes

By: Crick, Mark

Price: $4.00

Publisher: 10/26/2010

Seller ID: 9780151012831

ISBN: 0151012830

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"I needed a table at Maxim's, a hundred bucks, and a gorgeous blonde; what I had was a leg of lamb and no clues. I took hold of the joint. It felt cold and damp, like a coroner's handshake. I took out a knife and cut the lamb into pieces. Feeling the blade in my hand I sliced an onion, and before I knew what I was doing a carrot lay in pieces on the slab. None of them moved."--"from" "LAMB WITH DILL SAUCEA LA RAYMOND CHANDLER"If you've ever wondered what it would be like to make dinner with Franz Kafka, Jane Austen, or Raymond Chandler, this is the chance to find out. Literary vent... View more info

Image for How Did You Get This Number

How Did You Get This Number

By: Crosley, Sloane

Price: $6.50

Publisher: RIVERHEAD: 8/19/2012

Seller ID: 9781594485190

ISBN: 1594485194

Condition: USED

The hilarious "New York Times" bestselling literary essay collection from Sloane Crosley, the author of "I Was Told There'd Be Cake." Sloane Crosley, the brilliantly funny "fountain of observations" ("Boston Globe"), now takes readers from a bear-infested wedding in Alaska to a run-in with clowns in Portugal in a new collection of essays about the messiest and most unexpected dilemmas life has to offer. "How sure-footed and observant Sloane Crosley is. How perfectly, relentlessly funny." -- David Sedaris View more info

Image for Halls of Fame

Halls of Fame

By: D'Agata

Price: $6.00

Publisher: GRAY WOLF PR: 11/8/2012

Seller ID: 9781555973773

ISBN: 1555973779

Condition: USED

"John D'Agata is an alchemist who changes trash into purest gold." --Guy Davenport, "Harper's" John D'Agata journeys the endless corridors of America's myriad halls of fame and faithfully reports on what he finds there. In a voice all his own, he brilliantly maps his terrain in lists, collage, and ludic narratives. With topics ranging from Martha Graham to the Flat Earth Society, from the brightest light in Vegas to the artist Henry Darger, who died in obscurity, "Halls of Fame" hovers on the brink between prose and poetry, deep seriousness and high comedy, the subject and the self. View more info

Image for About a Mountain

About a Mountain

By: D'Agata, John

Price: $6.00

Publisher: W W NORTON & CO INC: 11/2/2012

Seller ID: 9780393339017

ISBN: 0393339017

Condition: USED

When John D'Agata helps his mother move to Las Vegas one summer, he begins to follow a story about the federal government's plan to store nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain; the result is a startling portrait that compels a reexamination of the future of human life. View more info

Image for Lifespan of a Fact

Lifespan of a Fact

By: D'Agata, John/Fingal, Jim

Price: $7.50

Publisher: W W NORTON & CO INC: 1/10/2013

Seller ID: 9780393340730

ISBN: 0393340732

Condition: USED

How negotiable is a fact in nonfiction? In 2003, an essay by John D'Agata was rejected by the magazine that commissioned it due to factual inaccuracies. That essay--which eventually became the foundation of D'Agata's critically acclaimed About a Mountain--was accepted by another magazine, The Believer, but not before they handed it to their own fact-checker, Jim Fingal. What resulted from that assignment was seven years of arguments, negotiations, and revisions as D'Agata and Fingal struggled to navigate the boundaries of literary nonfiction.This book reproduces D'Agata's essay, along wi... View more info

Image for Art of Death: Writing the Final Story

Art of Death: Writing the Final Story

By: Danticat, Edwidge

Price: $8.00

Seller ID: 9781555977771

ISBN: 1555977774

Condition: USED

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Image for Brother, I'm Dying

Brother, I'm Dying

By: Danticat, Edwidge

Price: $7.00

Publisher: VINTAGE BOOKS: 7/10/2010

Seller ID: 9781400034307

ISBN: 1400034302

Condition: USED

From the age of four, award-winning writer Edwidge Danticat came to think of her uncle Joseph as her "second father," when she was placed in his care after her parents left Haiti for America. And so she was both elated and saddened when, at twelve, she joined her parents and youngest brothers in New York City. As Edwidge made a life in a new country, adjusting to being far away from so many who she loved, she and her family continued to fear for the safety of those still in Haiti as the political situation deteriorated. In 2004, they entered into a terrifying tale of good people caught up ... View more info

In the Land of Pain

By: Daudet, Aphonse

Price: $3.00

Seller ID: 9780375414855

ISBN: 0375414851

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Unspeakable: And Other Subjects of Discussion

By: Daum, Meghan

Price: $7.00

Publisher: 11/16/2016

Seller ID: 9781250074928

ISBN: 1250074924

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Image for Simone de Beauvoir: A Biography

Simone de Beauvoir: A Biography

By: de Beauvoir/Bair, Deirdre

Price: $7.00

Publisher: TOUCHSTONE PRESS: 2/22/2016

Seller ID: 9780671741808

ISBN: 0671741802

Condition: USED

This definitive biography is based on five years of interviews with de Beauvoir, and is written with her full cooperation. Bair penetrates the mystique of this brilliant and often paradoxical woman, who has been called one of the great minds of the 20th century, and surely, one of the most famously unconventional figures of her generation. "As a reference work . . . Simone de Beauvoir can be considered definitive."--The Atlantic. 16-page photographic insert. View more info

Image for How Proust Can Change Your Life

How Proust Can Change Your Life

By: de Botton, Alain

Price: $5.00

Publisher: VINTAGE BOOKS: 9/27/2014

Seller ID: 9780679779155

ISBN: 0679779159

Condition: USED

Alain de Botton combines two unlikely genres--literary biography and self-help manual--in the hilarious and unexpectedly practical How Proust Can Change Your Life. Who would have thought that Marcel Proust, one of the most important writers of our century, could provide us with such a rich source of insight into how best to live life? Proust understood that the essence and value of life was the sum of its everyday parts. As relevant today as they were at the turn of the century, Proust's life and work are transformed here into a no-nonsense guide to, among other things, enjoying your vacat... View more info

Image for Sade: A Biographical Essay

Sade: A Biographical Essay

By: de Sade/Bongie, Laurence L

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Seller ID: 9780226064208

ISBN: 0226064204

Condition: USED

The writings of the Marquis de Sade have recently attained notoriety in the canon of world literature. Now Sade himself is often celebrated as a heroic apostle of individual rights and a giant of philosophical thought. In this detailed investigative work, Laurence Bongie tests these claims and finds them unfounded and undeserved. "A valuable correction to the perception of Sade as a profound thinker, a great writer, and a martyr to liberty. Drawing on original archival work, Bongie tries to illuminate Sade's childhood and his relationship with his parents. . . . Fluent and well-informed."-... View more info

Selected Letters

By: De Sevigne, Madame

Price: $4.00

Publisher: PENGUIN GROUP: 6/8/2013

Seller ID: 9780140444056

ISBN: 014044405X

Condition: USED

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