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Image for Entrez: Signs of France

Entrez: Signs of France

By: Aciman, Andre

Price: $5.00

Publisher: ARTISAN:

Seller ID: 9781579651701

ISBN: 1579651704

Condition: USED

The signs of France are a gateway into a country proud of its artistic heritage--a past that reveals itself in every nuance of daily life. Steven Rothfeld has been recording these images for decades, capturing the milky cornflower blues and faded yellows, the hand-lettered, the neatly printed, even signs made from blown glass and wooden carvings. Their uniqueness and the beauty and sensibility of these signs reflect the visual sense of identity that is France. Rothfeld's gallery is accompanied by acclaimed author Andre Aciman's text, transporting the reader fully to another world. View more info

Hindoo Holiday: An Indian Journal

By: Ackerley, J.R.

Price: $4.00

Edition: 2

Seller ID: 0140095071

ISBN: 0140095071

Condition: USED

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Image for Turn RIght at Machu Picchu

Turn RIght at Machu Picchu

By: Adams, Mark

Price: $6.00

Publisher: PLUME: 8/12/2016

Seller ID: 9780452297982

ISBN: 0452297982

Condition: USED

What happens when an unadventurous adventure writer tries to re-create the original expedition to Machu Picchu? In 1911, Hiram Bingham III climbed into the Andes Mountains of Peru and "discovered" Machu Picchu. While history has recast Bingham as a villain who stole both priceless artifacts and credit for finding the great archeological site, Mark Adams set out to retrace the explorer's perilous path in search of the truth--except he'd written about adventure far more than he'd actually lived it. In fact, he'd never even slept in a tent."Turn Right at Machu Picchu" is Adams' fascinat... View more info

Tip of the Iceberg: My 3,000-Mile Journey Around Wild Alaska, the Last Great Ame

By: Adams, Mark

Price: $7.00

Seller ID: 9781101985120

ISBN: 1101985127

Condition: USED

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Image for Far Appalachia: Following the New River North

Far Appalachia: Following the New River North

By: Adams, Noah

Price: $4.00

Publisher: BANTAM DELL:

Seller ID: 9780385320139

ISBN: 0385320132

Condition: USED

With his sharp eye and gentle wit, Noah Adams doesn't just tell stories, he lets them unfold quietly, powerfully, and eloquently. Now the beloved host of NPR's "All Things Considered" and bestselling author of Piano Lessons takes us on a river journey through the heart of Appalachia--a journey shared by pioneers and preachers, white-water daredevils, bluegrass musicians, and an unforgettable cast of vivid historical characters. Noah Adams has Appalachia in his blood. A native of eastern Kentucky, he comes to the headwaters of the New River not just in search of adventure but to better unde... View more info

Image for Green Hills of Africa

Green Hills of Africa

By: Africa/Hemingway, Ernest

Price: $5.50

Publisher: TOUCHSTONE PRESS: 1/11/2015

Seller ID: 9780684801292

ISBN: 0684801299

Condition: USED

His second major venture into nonfiction (after "Death in the Afternoon, " 1932), "Green Hills of Africa" is Ernest Hemingway's lyrical journal of a month on safari in the great game country of East Africa, where he and his wife Pauline journeyed in December of 1933. Hemingway's well-known interest in -- and fascination with -- big-game hunting is magnificently captured in this evocative account of his trip. In examining the poetic grace of the chase, and the ferocity of the kill, Hemingway also looks inward, seeking to explain the lure of the hunt and the primal undercurrent that comes alive ... View more info

Image for Whatever You Do, Don't Run: True Tales of a Botswana Safari Guide

Whatever You Do, Don't Run: True Tales of a Botswana Safari Guide

By: Allison, Peter

Price: $7.00

Publisher: LYONS PR:

Edition: 2

Seller ID: 9780762796472

ISBN: 0762796472

Condition: USED

A hilarious, highly original collection of essays based on the Botswana truism: "only food runs " "With a new introduction and new material from the author" In the tradition of Bill Bryson, a new writer brings us the lively adventures and biting wit of an African safari guide. Peter Allison gives us the guide's-eye view of living in the bush, confronting the world's fiercest terrain of wild animals and, most challenging of all, managing herds of gaping tourists. Passionate for the animals of the Kalahari, Allison works as a top safari guide in the wildlife-rich Okavango Delta. As he serves... View more info

Image for Apple's America

Apple's America

By: Apple, R. W. Jr.

Price: $7.00

Publisher: 8/9/2014

Seller ID: 9780865476851

ISBN: 0865476853

Condition: USED

Unpretentious, sophisticated, and always appetizing advice from a celebrated authority For more than thirty years, R. W. Apple Jr. has roamed the United States as an eyewitness to history. Here, in "Apple's America," his robust enthusiasm for the food and culture of New England, the South and West, the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and his native Middle West carries him to forty great cities, where he proves to be our ideal guide--amused and amusing, knowledgeable, indefatigable, and endlessly curious. From Boston to Honolulu, from Montreal to Las Vegas, Cincinnati to Seattle, Johnny Ap... View more info

Image for Dreamkeppers: A Spirit-Journey into Aboriginal Australia

Dreamkeppers: A Spirit-Journey into Aboriginal Australia

By: Arden, Harvey

Price: $6.00

Publisher: 11/10/2015

Seller ID: 9780060925802

ISBN: 0060925809

Condition: USED

Cast a aside all things familiar and join Harvey Arden on an extraordinary spirit-journey into the minds, hearts, and dreams of australia's aboriginal peoples, custodians of the oldest culture on earth. Through haunting photographs and an exquisitely crafted narrative, dreamkeepers brings to life a world where aboriginal "Dreamtime Ancestors" -- the rainbow snake, the lightning brothers, and the mysterious wandjina, or cloud-beings-still sustain the visionary belief system of a proud ancient, and gifted people. View more info

Image for Isolarion: A Different Oxford Journey

Isolarion: A Different Oxford Journey

By: Attlee, James

Price: $7.00

Publisher: UNIV OF CHICAGO PR: 2/9/2016

Seller ID: 9780226030944

ISBN: 0226030946

Condition: USED

Through the centuries, people from all walks of life have heard the siren call of a pilgrimage, the lure to journey away from the familiar in search of understanding. But is a pilgrimage even possible these days for city-dwellers enmeshed in the pressures of work and family life? Or is there a way to be a pilgrim without leaving one's life behind? James Attlee answers these questions with "Isolarion," a thoughtful, streetwise, and personal account of his pilgrimage to a place he thought he already knew--the Cowley Road in Oxford, right outside his door. "Isolarion" takes its title from ... View more info

Image for The Last River: The Tragic Race for Shangri-La

The Last River: The Tragic Race for Shangri-La

By: Balf, Todd

Price: $5.50

Publisher: 10/6/2012

Seller ID: 9780609606254

ISBN: 0609606255

Condition: USED

It was the ultimate whitewater adventure on the Mount Everest of rivers, and the biggest challenge of their lives.... October 1998 an American whitewater paddling team traveled deep into the Tsangpo Gorge in Tibet to run the Yarlung Tsangpo, known in paddling circles as the "Everest of rivers." On Day 12 of that trip, the team's ace paddler, one of four kayakers on the river, launched off an eight-foot waterfall and flipped. He and his overturned kayak spilled into the heart of the thunderous "freight training" river and were swept downstream, never to be seen again. The Last River: Th... View more info

Image for In My Home There Is No More Sorrow: Ten Days in Rawanda

In My Home There Is No More Sorrow: Ten Days in Rawanda

By: Bass, Rick

Price: $6.00

Publisher: MCSWEENEYS: 2/5/2014

Seller ID: 9781936365999

ISBN: 1936365995

Condition: USED

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Image for Most Beautiful Walk In The World. A Pedestrian in Paris

Most Beautiful Walk In The World. A Pedestrian in Paris

By: Baxter, John

Price: $5.00

Publisher: PERENNIAL: 7/22/2013

Seller ID: 9780061998546

ISBN: 0061998540

Condition: USED

Thrust into the unlikely role of professional "literary walking tour" guide, an expat writer provides the most irresistibly witty and revealing tour of Paris in years.In this enchanting memoir, acclaimed author and long- time Paris resident John Baxter remembers his yearlong experience of giving "literary walking tours" through the city. Baxter sets off with unsuspecting tourists in tow on the trail of Paris's legendary artists and writers of the past. Along the way, he tells the history of Paris through a brilliant cast of characters: the favorite cafes of Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fit... View more info

Image for Voyage of the Cormorant

Voyage of the Cormorant

By: Beamish, Christian

Price: $10.00


Seller ID: 9780980122763

ISBN: 0980122767

Condition: USED

Christian Beamish, a former editor at The Surfer's Journal, envisioned a low-tech, self-reliant exploration for surf along the coast of North America, using primarily clothes and instruments available to his ancestors, and the 18-foot boat he would build by hand in his garage. How the vision met reality - and how the two came to shape each other - places Voyage of the Cormorant in the great American tradition of tales of life at sea, and what it has to teach us. View more info

Path to Rome: Immortal Account of his walk from the Moselle Valley to the Eterna

By: Belloc, Hilaire

Price: $5.00

Publisher: 12/12/2014

Seller ID: 9780140095302

ISBN: 0140095306

Condition: USED

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Image for In the Spirit of The Hamptons (Icons)

In the Spirit of The Hamptons (Icons)

By: Bensimon, Kelly Killoren

Price: $30.00

Publisher: ASSOULINE:

Seller ID: 9781614281399

ISBN: 1614281394

Condition: USED

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Image for Serpent in Paradise

Serpent in Paradise

By: Birkett, Dea

Price: $5.00

Seller ID: 9780385488716

ISBN: 0385488718

Condition: USED

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Image for Father of All Things: A Marine, His Son, and the Legacy of Vietnam

Father of All Things: A Marine, His Son, and the Legacy of Vietnam

By: Bissell, Tom

Price: $6.00


Seller ID: 9781400075430

ISBN: 1400075432

Condition: USED

"The Father of All Things" is a riveting, haunting, and often hilarious account of a veteran and his son's journey through Vietnam. As his father recounts his experiences as a soldier, including a near fatal injury, Tom Bissell weaves a larger history of the war and explores the controversies that still spark furious debate today. Blending history, memoir, and travelogue, "The Father of All Things" is a portrait of the war's personal, political, and cultural impact from the perspective of the generation that grew up in the wake of the conflict. It is also a wise and revelatory book about the b... View more info

Image for Leisureville: Adventures in a World Without Children

Leisureville: Adventures in a World Without Children

By: Blechman, Andrew

Price: $5.00


Seller ID: 9780802144188

ISBN: 0802144187

Condition: USED

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South from Granada (Penguin Travel Library)

By: Brenan, Gerald

Price: $5.00

Seller ID: 9780140167009

ISBN: 0140167005

Condition: USED

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