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Book of Universes: Exploring the Limits of the Cosmos

By: Barrow, John D

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Publisher: W W NORTON & CO INC:

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ISBN: 0393081214

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Einstein's theory of general relativity opens the door to other universes, and weird universes at that: universes that allow time travel, universes where you can see the back of your head, universes that spin and bounce or multiply without limit. The Book of Universes gives us a stunning tour of these potential universes, introducing us along the way to the brilliant physicists and mathematicians who first revealed their startling possibilities. John D. Barrow explains the latest discoveries and ideas that physics and astronomy have to offer about our own universe, showing how these findings l... View more info

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Universe that Discovered Itself

By: Barrow, John D,

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ISBN: 0192862006

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Are there really laws of nature out there still waiting to be discovered? Or are they simply illusions?The Universe that Discovered Itself is a re-titled and wholly revised edition of The World Within the World, John Barrow's extraordinary study of how we view the universe. Ranging from long-ago societies up to tomorrow, and from the magical notions of primitive cultures up to the latest ideas about chaos, black holes, inflation, and superstrings, this book traces the development of our concept of what the laws of nature are and how we might come to know them. Entertaining and inspiring, it... View more info